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  1. November 5, 2009

    Review of Cropredy Festival

    "What was surely the festival pinnacle, a truly breathtaking jazz-rock set by Steve Winwood..."

  2. November 4, 2009

    Ginger Baker's 70th Birthday

    Steve is headed to London tonight for Ginger Baker's 70th Birthday bash.

    The two were bandmates in the classic supergroup Blind Faith. Rumour has it that an all-star band will rock the house tonight. We hope to post media of the event here shortly....stay tuned!

  3. "...And little Sir John and the nut brown bowl And his brandy in the glass And little Sir John and the nut brown bowl Proved the strongest man at last The huntsman, he can't hunt the fox Nor so loudly to blow his horn And the Tinker he can't mend kettle nor pots Without a little Barleycorn"