1. After a thirteen-month hiatus, Traffic will jam again. The group's last album came out eighteen months ago and last January they officially diverged onto separate roads.

    Steve Winwood went to Blind Faith and then to Air Force. Chris Wood did session work, a gig with Dr. John and then went to Air Force. Jim Capaldi spent six months with Dave Mason. Mason, who kept coming in and going out of Traffic, was last seen among the friends of Bonnie and Delaney and hasn't been mentioned, even conversationally, in the reformation of Traffic.


  2. Stephen Stills: "Stevie Winwood was always my favorite singer, that blue-eyed soul sound. It had been our ambition from the start to convince him to join Crosby, Stills and Nash - I wanted an organ player who could sing the blues. He was exceptionally kind to me, but everytime I trudged across the moors to see him, he was always occupied. I didn't think there was anyone more shy than me – the phrase painfully shy was invented for this man. We recorded "Dear Mr. Fantasy" a number of times, beginning in 1970. It was intended as a homage. Hats off, Stevie."

  3.  "I was 15 when Traffic arrived in the village. Everybody was very worried about it at first. I worked in the village shop where they came every day to collect their letters. They were very strange-looking. Chris Wood had these high-heeled boots painted purple. We'd never seen anything like it. My dad reckoned they were a sweaty, smelly lot, but I got such a crush on Chris. Whenever I saw them coming, I'd take off my glasses and hide them under the counter. My dad warned me to keep away from them because of the sex and drugs and that."

  4. More than 150,000 persons turned out last June to hear the group's debut in London's Hyde Park. "Blind Faith took the stage to a welcome that would have outroared a goal at Wembley," London's Sunday Mirror reported.