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In The News: Press Quotes

In The Press:

October 2003




Bob Lefsetz – “IT'S STILL HERE! Everything I believed in is STILL ALIVE!  It's coming back!”


Washington Times --“Mr. Winwood kept the rug firmly planted beneath his feet while demonstrating why he remains one of rock's bona fide legends.”


Philadelphia Inquirer --“…after several tunes, the worshipful, near-capacity crowd rewarded Winwood and his crew with standing ovations…”


Washington Post --“[Winwood] was bent over the neck of his guitar and wailing with the abandon of a kid in a music store, a performance that had grown men stomping their feet and screaming as if their team had just scored a touchdown.”


NY Times --“For a couple of hours on Thursday night at the Beacon Theater, Steve Winwood allowed his fans to imagine they lived in a gentler, more joyful world.”





Sound & Vision -- “Imagine Eric Clapton making a great blues-rock disc, Paul McCartney writing a full album of pop classics, or the Stones making a real Stones record.  Now you’ve got a rough idea of how surprising, and how satisfying, is Steve Winwood’s aptly titled comeback.”


Q Magazine -- “[About Time] is his most satisfying collection in aeons, full of positive spirit, balmy Latin grooves, chunky Hammond organ breaks and Santana-like guitar.” 


Los Angeles Times --“Steve Winwood hasn't so much returned to the Traffic approach as he has refreshed it, and his sense of musical liberation is as enticing as are his Hammond skills and, of course, that still-soaring voice.” 


Entertainment Weekly--"Winwood's Hammond B-3 organ burns through every track

and his crack band snakes through influences from jazz to reggae to

Brazilian music. Its about time!"


San Francisco Chronicle—“’About Time’ is as comfortable as an old shoe and twice as groovy, but it also feels as fresh and lively as the best work of his youth, a major triumph for one of rock's less celebrated elder statesmen.”


New York Daily News--"Gears grinding gloriously...Steve Winwood brings back

the beloved sound of Traffic jams."


Mojo -- “It’s Hammond o’clock as the rejuvenated Mr. Traffic resurfaces…an album of moody, reassuringly Trafficesque fusion…dominated by fat, fuck-off Hammond organ licks…and Stevie’s precision blue-eyed soul vocals that elevate this way above your average standard soul-jazz.” 


People -–“Now 55, Winwood has a wrinkle-free voice exhibiting none of the damage that has ravaged the instruments of some of his harder-living competitors.”