"Random Notes" Rolling Stone, February 1, 1969
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"Random Notes" Rolling Stone, February 1, 1969

Traffic is dead, but the corpse is lively. Though Steve Winwood has split to find his own way, the rest of Traffic is carrying on with a new name, a returnee from Traffic past, and a new member. New name is "Mason, Capaldi, Wood & Frog," reflecting the new lineup: Dave Mason, bass and vocals; Jim Capaldi, drums and vocals; Chris Wood, reeds; and Mick Weaver, leader of the Wynder K. Frog band, on organ, in place of Winwood.

Mason had departed Traffic some months earlier in a personality dispute with Winwood. The bassist-composer says the revived group will take some new directions. "We want to play some other people's numbers, B. B. King and things," says Dave, "not stick to things we've written ourselves. We want to go out onstage and have a happy time." Capaldi says there's little bitterness over Winwood's departure because "now we're all freer to find out directions."

Producer Jimmy Miller has taken Mason, Capaldi, Wood & Frog under his wing, and plans to record them on Island Records here. The first recording session was set for the first week in January. Commencing March 15, the band will do a six-week tour of the United States. In the works are ballroom, TV and college appearances. MCW&F will return to England April 28.